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PRIVACY POLICY: You must submit personal information at time of registration to bid on our auctions. The information you have provided us will only be used by us and the Sellers from which you purchased items from to maintain auction records. We will not give or sell your information to others. By use of our web site you are consenting to the collection and use of your information by our company. 1. Only registered bidders can participate in our online auctions. First visit select the Register link and enter your current contact information. You will receive a User ID and Password, you may bid on all our online auctions using your User ID and Password, you will not be asked for any financial information. If you have registered with us before select Login link enter your User ID and Password. You must be 18 years of age to bid. Bidder is responsible for any bids placed under that bidder’s number. The security of Bidder’s information is the sole responsibility of each Bidder.

2. You do not need to register to view the item(s) in any of our online auctions, click on Search option from the opening page.

3. To submit a bid: Select the open online auction Login to bid amount already shown in the required minimum box click the box. To place a higher bid enter the amount in place of the minimum shown click the bid box. To bid an Up To Bid (Maximum Amount you are willing to Bid) enter the amount in the Up to Bid box click the Up to Box computer will bid for you up to your amount. Bid on as many lots as you like on the page, then click Submit Bid. Your bids will be submitted once you confirm them on the next page. The current high bid will be displayed in Red, My Bid will show the status of your bids.

4. Your bid status is available when Logged in it will be displayed in a highlighted color. If you are out bid, you can place another bid. High bids are used as a proxy bid at the live auction (if any).

5. Bid increments are usually $5.00, $10.00, $25.00, $50.00, $100.00. You may bid higher than the minimum bid or enter an Up To Bid.

6. Each auction ends at a specified time. If staggered bidding is in effect the bidding will remain open on any lot that has received a bid within the last 15 minutes of scheduled closing time will be moved up 5 minutes if the 5 minutes lapse without any bidding activity the bidding on that lot will be closed.

7. If you need additional information on an item please contact the Seller.

8. The awarded Bidder will be provided an emailed invoice at the conclusion of the auction which will give complete pickup and payment instructions.

9. Bidder hereby agrees to assume the risk and to release and hold harmless Seller and Auctioneer and all of the persons or entities mentioned who might otherwise be liable to it or its successors or assign for damages.

10. Payment must be made by cash, cashier’s check, Money Order, check with Bank Letter of Guaranty Click on this link to view a re-sizeable, printable .pdf image in a separate Window. You will need a recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to resize and/or print. payable to Joe Pippin Auctioneers LLC, unless otherwise stated in a specific auction’s terms and conditions. No partial payments will be accepted. Bidder shall provide a copy of Bidder’s Tax Exemption Permit at Registration or at pay out or pay any and all applicable taxes. It is Bidder’s responsibility to know the state sales tax laws in the states they do business in. The property becomes the Bidders responsibility upon payment and until removed from sale premises, no claim for theft or damage will be granted by Seller or Auctioneer.

11. Forgot Password; select “Forgot Password” option. You will be asked to submit your User ID and E-mail Address; you will receive an automated email reply with your password shortly.

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