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This web site has been designed and coded with the objective of making it accessible to everyone. In so far as possible, this site complies with the standards of the "Web AIM Initiave" published by Utah State University; and, their Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool is used extensively. In addition, the most recent edition of the Adobe Dreamweaver WAVE extension is employed in the coding and site design process. This page contains information on features intended to achieve the joint goals of the Americans with Disabalities Act (ADA) and Section 508 of the Workforce Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Any problems, errors or recommendations should be brought to the attention of the webmaster.

Access Keys have been provided in this site to permit mouse free navigation between pages. Effective use of these shortcuts is browser dependent. Users of IE for Windows press the ALT key and the access key simultaneously and then the ENTER key. Firefox users must press the Shift Key, the ALT Key and the access key of choice simultaneously. Opera users have to press and hold Shift, then press the ESC key and finally press the access key of the page they want to visit. Users of other browsers and operating systems (MAC, LINUX, etc) should consult their operating instructions. The access keys programed for this site are:
  • a - Accessibility features (this page)
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  • i - About us (Company Information)
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  • t - Terms and conditions
Other Keyboard Shortcuts for Navigation This site can be navigated solely through the use of a keyboard using pre-programed Windows and browser shortcut keys. For instance, IE users will find they can navigate through internal and external links on some of the more complex pages by repeatedly pressing the "Tab" key. This same key will provide access to inter-page links and links contained within date blocks on the schedule calanders. When available, larger images may be accessed by pressing the "Enter" key when the "hand" cursor is on a thumbnail size picture. The browsers used in the preparation of this site vary as to which specific key(s) perform which action(s). All of them however have "Accessibility" information listings, appendicies or data.

Skip Links All the pages of this site contain a hidden link ("Skip to Main Content") that enables code readers and viewers who navigate by "Tabbing" to skip past the major navigational links in their headings and proceed directly to the main content. Viewers who "Tab" will need to continue "Tabbing" to reach subsequent links.

Platform and Browser Compatibility This site has been tested on a Windows platform using the most recent versions of Internet Explorer, FireFox, Goggle Chrome, Opera, Sea Monkey and Avant Browser. In order to assure the highest degree of usability, viewers of this site are strongly encouraged to obtain and use the most recent version of one of these browsers.

Coding Standards This website was programed and developed using DREAMWEAVER CS5.5 and conforms to XHTML 1.0 Transitional coding specifications. Style sheets comply with CSS Level 2.1. Both document types have been certified by the W3C's Markup Validation Service.